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His Birthday but She gets a BBC

VoyeurFetishInterracial Sex

Paula couldn’t believe how small her husband’s cock was compared to Darrell’s big black cock when she was stroking them side by side. They were both erect, throbbing from the gentle touch of her hands. She reached under to cup their balls, fondled them for a while, and she squeezed Nick’s sack just a little firmer than Darrell’s, watching him squirm with delight. Nick was a good husband. They’d been together for six years, married for two. He treated her fairly and made enough money in the city to bless her with the freedom from employment. In turn, she took care of their residence in Surrey… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 210


Vince, Scott, and Tod went "hunting" two or three times each week while the leaves were still off of the trees. Many times, Bruce, Lorene, and Chris went along, and, less frequently, Sue, Chloe, and Mike joined them also. Chloe enjoyed the outings, but was determined to have this baby. The same with Sue. It, to her, was the ultimate adventure. The only thing that stopped her from accompanying the others, was Doris, reminding her that the least thing could make her lose the baby. To aid her, though, Rick had had Carl to get him the square tubing, and the metal meshing, to make her a tree stand.… Read more

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Hot Wife, Spit Roast


Hot Wife, Hot Life Spending the entire summer working far away from home wasn’t unusual for me, as I work in the Gas and Oil industry. What I was really dreading though, was the fact I would be away from my gorgeous wife so soon after we’d finally tied the knot. Carol and I weren’t exactly the typical newlyweds as we’d already lived together for several years but we’d finally made it official in May in front of our many friends and family members. In June my company was awarded a very lucrative contract for some equipment installation in Louisiana and I would be working out of New Orleans f… Read more

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Married I only give Blowjobs


Laura knelt in front of him, her bare knees pressed against the cold marble tiles. She reached under his shirt. One, two, three. She could feel the ridges that separated his abdominal muscles – like the photos he had sent. She bit her lip and undid his belt buckle. None of the men she'd ever slept with had a six-pack. And if the photos were real, none of them had a cock of this size. God, she hoped the photos were real. He helped her undo the buttons on his jeans, revealing his bulge, tucked discreetly away under his boxer shorts. Laura's heart was racing. She couldn't believe she was doing… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train 2 :-P


https://it.xhamster.com/videos/metro-mature-upskirt-3579538 very good this video very thanks for who to has uploaded this video, i see this video here above always very glad and, after have putting it at full screen, i masturbing myself and i come always nice hot also because it's the same visual that i also have had the lucky of to have in a nice situation like in this video in a trip of commission with my sister. It was the second time that i and my sister did a trip of commission, and also this time in train like the first time recounted in a my previous story :-P, and my sister was with an… Read more

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Turned into a Slut for BBC PT6

FetishInterracial Sex

When I awoke the next morning, I felt very much accomplished for having performed so well the night before. I had been such a well behaved slut for Jerome, and I was proud of myself for it. Unfortunately, I was also undeniably hornier than I had ever been in my life. I had been keeping myself from orgasming on my own as I felt it was Jerome's right to get me off, but he had not brought me to such a climax the night before. As a result, my pussy was sopping wet, and I could only think about when I would see Jerome next so that he could hopefully grant me release of my pent up arousal. As I had… Read more

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Lesson for a fetish stalker


I had just parked my car on the 5th floor of the car park when I saw in the rear-view mirror how a lady, dressed entirely in black nappa leather, got out of the Mercedes behind me. Wearing a fitted leather blazer, gloves and tight leather trousers, she strutted along the corridor on the probably 10 cm high heels of her knee-length leather boots. Strictly tied back long black hair framed her beautifully cut, stylishly made-up face, whose dark glowing eyes sparkled. In her mid-40s her body was estimated to be slim and well-proportioned. No question about it, there was no lady staggering around w… Read more

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The club of sissies

Interracial SexShemale PornGay Male

Most people dont think such a thing could even exist yet it is all too real, some of us are owned by black dude and you wont believe how many of us there is , how many are getting part of that secret club on a daily basis locked up in the branded club, sissy chastity cage our location shared at all time we fall prey to them my story was not different from lots of other owned white boy i met a daddy on a cam site , i like his bbc and he feminized me for couple of weeks, until i received the kit he sent me to wear on cam i got on the cam wearing the cute outfit a sissy boy in the making… Read more

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A little spade tattoo...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

Ana told me she would get a little spade tattoo on her belly. Her black lover Jamal had ordered her to get it; in order to show his friends my sexy wife was his submissive white slut bitch for black cock… My dick got hard as a rock just thinking of her belly with such a tattoo. It would keep my wife’s pussy wetter, just knowing about all those black bastards that would fuck her regularly… Ana told me while getting the tattoo, she would wear her micro skirt while using a butt plug in place. This would allow the tattoo artist to have a full view of her ass and pussy the entire time as he wor… Read more

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Ana posing like a filthy hooker...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That evening, my sexy wife was in the naughty play mood. Ana then proposed me that we could hit a bar, not a local one; I should go first and pretend not to know her. Once she was there, I should try to pick up her in front of some other guys; but I would be pissed out by her. We then would see what could happen… Last year I had found a nice pub in a town not so far from us. I had gone alone; so I entered the place and asked for a drink. There were a few guys there watching baseball behind the bar. I began to chat with a young black guy in his early twenties… Twenty minutes later, my sen… Read more

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Watching the neighbour shower part 2


I wrote ‘Watching the neighbour shower’ some time ago and always intended to add this next chapter As you can imagine the images of watching her shower remained with me and still do. During the next little while I continued to glance in the direction of this talented ladies window hoping to see once again her beauty displayed. Days went by, doubts availed themselves. Was this then a one off viewing, never to be repeated? Was she perhaps a visitor? Days turned into a couple of weeks and still no sighting. The days grew longer… Read more

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A black stud picked up at the mall

MatureInterracial SexHardcore

That early morning, I drove my hubby to the airport… I came back home and got inside the warm bed sheets again. I felt too fucking horny as I stretched myself onto the mattress. I really needed a huge dick inside me. My loving husband was a little bit stressed last week and he had not fucked me at all during those days before leaving on his stupid business trip. I had a warm shower and later stood up in front of the mirror. I looked obscene, since I was wearing fancy stockings, a short black leather skirt that barely covered my ass and a red silk top. Sexy stilettos and no panties at all, o… Read more

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Anita gangbanged by brutal blacks

AnalVoyeurInterracial Sex

I came back home after spending the day playing golf and my sexy wife received me just wearing high heels and a black nylon hose. Anita dragged me to our marital bed and we fucked all night long like wild crazy rabbits. When we were both done and recovering the breath she told me: “I arranged a gangbang with two black studs; Jamal’s friends…” Ana admitted she was really horny and needed more than one black cock to calm down. My sensual babe said she had arranged everything with the black guys and she would meet them at a not so far motel down the local highway. Of course I was allowed to wat… Read more

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Sexy evening at the local Sauna

Group SexGay Male

I was in a gay sauna (aka ‘steam room’ to the Americans) – actually it was Suite 429 in Chelmsford, UK. It had four or five ‘fun rooms’ of various sizes accessible from the main spa area. These rooms had everything: glory holes, beanbags, padded benches of varying heights and the type of soft flooring that you might find in a Yoga gym. These were specially designed sex rooms where people could go and play as the mood might take them. The sauna is now shut due to the pandemic – and sadly will probably never reopen, but while it <u>was</u> open it was fantastic. This… Read more

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Medical Examination (Gay)

AnalGay MaleMasturbation

Ryan walked into the doctor’s waiting room. A pretty receptionist greeted him. “Good morning, I have an appointment for a full examination this morning.” She checked her computer. “Yes Mr Cooper, the doctor is free now so you can go straight in.” Ryan thanked her and walked into the consulting room. The doctor was sat behind his desk, about late 50s and hot, just Ryan’s type. He looked up. “Mr Cooper. I understand you are here for a full sexual examination. Strip off fully and lie on the couch over there. There will be a few questions first and then we will proceed to the fully physical exam… Read more

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The Sleepover Pt.1

MatureTabooGroup Sex

Fuck! I can't believe what I'm seeing in my parents' living room. Three giggling teenage girls, wearing sheer lingerie are sitting on the couch cheering on a fourth girl who is attempting to deep throat a dildo. What the fuck! The cheers and laughter is probably why they didn't hear me come in through the kitchen door. I step back into the shadows of the hallway while my cock responds to the luscious, pale ass cheeks of the fourth girl. Her purple sheer nightie has ridden up over her heart-shaped ass, revealing her matching thong as she starts to gag on the rubber dick suction-cupped to the gl… Read more

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Another Gloryhole Adventure With My Wife


My wife and I often tell each other our favorite sexual adventures. Sometimes they are about each other and sometimes they are about other people we have either fucked, sucked or both. This adventure is about both of us at a gloryhole in Corvallis. She reminded me of this adventure that we had in 2017. When we go to the gloryholes we go to suck and drain cocks. I hardly ever get my cock sucked and my wife hardly ever gets fucked. We had made the rounds in Salem and visited a couple of the adult shops and then headed over to Corvallis. We both like this store because we can go from the door s… Read more

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I watched my wife fuck Tim

Group SexFirst TimeVoyeur

Tim has been a close friend of both me and my wife Andrea for several years. One evening Andrea and I had been enjoying a few adult beverages and she had puffed some green when the phone rang. It was Tim and he said he was close by and wanted to come by. I told him sure come on over. After hanging up I told Andrea to go put on something sexy for Tim. She jumped up and ran to our room to find something to wear and I went in the kitchen to get another cold one. I heard Tims truck coming up the driveway so I went to the door. I handed him a beer and we sat down in the den. He asked where Andrea… Read more

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Hot Fams

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Friends recently I had interaction with a fan of mine from Delhi and he wanted me to write about his family i****t. His name is Shekhar and I will write about his family. His mom, Kamala is about 39 with plump body of 38– 30-40 and of 5' 3" height. His sister Lata is about 18 and is growing into a woman having nice body figure of 35-26-36 and is a bit taller than his mom, 5' 4" she is in 12 th standard now and studying in convent school. He has younger brother, Suresh who is 20 and in college. The father, Shiva is about 49 and is in service. The family is very orthodox type and my friend Shekh… Read more

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Lots of cum fun


I was working out of town for the week, staying in a motel my wife packed some fun things for me so I could play and think of her. Every night after work and a shower it was playtime, some panty play and a phone call to the wife for a little phone sex. I jacked off while talking to her, she fingered herself and we both had fun, I so loved my wife for letting me do this. To show my appreciation I had to go shop for her something cute, sexy, fun and of course something I could wear as we were near the same size. I shopped at a mall with lots of stores to pick from and found something that exci… Read more

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