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Another Gloryhole Adventure With My Wife

My wife and I often tell each other our favorite sexual adventures. Sometimes they are about each other and sometimes they are about other people we have either fucked, sucked or both. This adventure is about both of us at a gloryhole in Corvallis. She reminded me of this adventure that we had in 2017. When we go to the gloryholes we go to suck and drain cocks. I hardly ever get my cock sucked and my wife hardly ever gets fucked.
We had made the rounds in Salem and visited a couple of the adult shops and then headed over to Corvallis. We both like this store because we can go from the door straight to the booths. The last one is our favorite because it has two gloryholes, about 2 foot apart. We were lucky that night because when we went in, there were two cocks in the adjacent booth. We got settled and I looked thru the hole and saw 2 guys. One was on his knees with a cock in his mouth. His cock was rock hard as he was sucking for all he was worth. My wife gave the finger signal and within a few seconds the guy on his knees stopped sucking, stood up and slipped his cock thru the hole. The other guy started stroking his 5” cock.
She went right to work on it by licking the entire length and then taking the head in her mouth. She sucked and bobbed that hard piece of cock meat and then slowing started swallowing it until she had all of his 6” shaft in her mouth.
I was watching and really enjoying the show then realized and remembered there was a second gloryhole. I stuck my finger thru and it was immediately replaced with the hard 5” cock from the second guy. I didn’t waste anytime I just swallowed it whole! What a nice sweet tasting cock he had. I could taste the pre-cum on the cock head. I started sucking and bobbing and would raise up and suck just his cock head. Run my tongue over the cock slit and then swallow it all over again.
I had been sucking that cock for about 3 or 4 minutes when I turned and looked at my wife. She was watching me as she ran her tongue up and down that hard shaft. She whispered to me “Want to swap?” I raised up and nodded OK and we swapped cocks. She started where I left off and I started where she left off. She swallowed his cock and raised up. I knew she was running her tongue across the bottom of his cock head like she does me and I know how good it feels. I would not have been surprised if he had cum within a few minutes of her starting on his cock.
I had started bobbing that 6” cock again and after a few minutes I felt it harden and next thing I knew I felt the first of several strong spurts hit the top of my mouth. I was able to swallow and then my mouth was filled again. What nice sweet tasting cum! I kept sucking until he finished cumming and finally grow soft. I kept sucking to be sure I got all that left over cum juice.
When I had finished draining that cock, I looked over and my wife was just raising up. I could see the cock she was sucking pulsing and knew she was getting a mouthful of warm cock juice. I watched as she swallowed not once but three times before that cock stopped pulsing and started to soften. She really got her money’s worth with that one. She finally released the soft cock and smiled at me. “That was really good!” she said and I responded by saying “Mine was nice and sweet.” Then we kissed sharing the cum that was left on our tongues from the 2 cocks we had just sucked.
We heard the guys leave the booth and settled down to watch the movies, stroke and play with each other and wait for the next hard cock to come thru the hole.
While we were waiting, I decided I wanted some pussy juice so I got on my knees again only this time I was licking and sucking my wife’s warm very wet pussy. She had taken her pants and panties off after the guys left so I could have better access to her pussy while we were waiting for the next cock. My wife was softly moaning as I licked the entire length of her pussy, from clit to asshole. She was dripping so much I could hardly keep up with it. I love her pussy juice! I started on her clit and was gently nibbling on it and fingering her at the same time. After about 10 minutes of me eating and licking her she clamped down on my head and started to cum. She flooded my mouth and face with all her pussy juice. I continued suck on her clit until she finally finished.
Just as I was standing up, I realized I had to feed the machine so I fed it just in time to hear the door in the next booth close. My wife was still in her post orgasmic state so I peeked through the hole and saw a guy stroking his semi hard cock. I watched for a few minutes until it was fully hard and it now looked to be about 8” long. I fingered the hole and the cock appeared.
I started licking the head and running my tongue down the length. I sucked on the sides of the shaft and worked my way back up to the cock head. What a nice firm cock he had. I finally took it in my mouth and slowly started swallowing it. I could only get about half of it in my mouth. That cock sure tasted great.
I didn’t realize my wife had moved and now she was next to me and whispered “don’t hog it all” so I raised up and she replaced my lips with hers. She was really sucking and bobbing that cock when she raised up and gave it back to me. As I was swallowing the head she said “That looks just like Jimmy’s cock and I want it in me.” Jimmy was one of her lovers she had fucked 4 times one night. She turned around, leaned over and I guided that very hard cock into her extremely wet pussy.
She impaled herself on that cock in one movement. When she bottomed out she remained still. The guy started pumping her as fast and as hard as he could within the confirms of that booth. He fucked her for 3 or 4 minutes when all of a sudden he just stopped. I had knelt down and had been watching that cock slip in and out of her pussy. I saw it pulse and pulse and pulse. He must have been unloading a gallon of cum in her pussy. When his cock started to soft and then slipped out, cum flooded out of her freshly fucked pussy.
Not wanting to waste any I quickly started licking and sucking that cum juice as it dripped and then oozed from her pussy. What a tasty treat I was getting. I licked and sucked her pussy clean. Not a single drip was left. We heard him leave and my wife told me that she really enjoyed that hard cock and she could feel his cum hitting the top of her pussy.
About that time the movie went out and we decided to leave. Once in the truck and actually before we got out of the parking lot my wife had my pants down to my knees and my cock in her mouth. She swallowed my 6” cock and never let up. She sucked and bobbed me for several minutes and just as we were leaving town back for home I started to cum. I filled her mouth several times with cum. Even when I finished she kept sucking me so I never got completely soft. She sucked on me for almost 20 minutes before I started to cum again. She drained my cock and swallowed every drop. An hour later we were at home.
What a nice enjoyable night a the gloryhole! We’ll go again.
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Lucky people all !!
19 days ago
wonderful. lovely. hot as hell. <3 <3 <3 wanna do something like that too. <3
26 days ago
to eaglefree: LOL,,,  im sure it hot in there
to hungshyguy: It was really hot inside that booth.  Cocks, pussy and cum.  Really heats that small room up.
to armyfootlover41: Hot being there when it happened too.
That was really hot,,, thanks for taking the time to share it ; )
1 month ago
what a hot story!
1 month ago
to bill05405: It was that is for sure.
to lets_get_laid: Thanks.  It was really hot being there.
Great story!  Sounds like a fantastic night!
1 month ago
Really hot story 
1 month ago