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His Birthday but She gets a BBC

Paula couldn’t believe how small her husband’s cock was compared to Darrell’s big black cock when she was stroking them side by side. They were both erect, throbbing from the gentle touch of her hands. She reached under to cup their balls, fondled them for a while, and she squeezed Nick’s sack just a little firmer than Darrell’s, watching him squirm with delight.

Nick was a good husband. They’d been together for six years, married for two. He treated her fairly and made enough money in the city to bless her with the freedom from employment. In turn, she took care of their residence in Surrey and pursued painting and illustration in her spare time. Paula loved him more than anything and was shocked when he first asked her to fuck another man two years ago.

Is he trying to get rid of me? she thought, overwhelmed, drifting to outright panic. She dismissed his request immediately, and the matter remained closed for a year, but it was far from over.

Nick asked again a few months ago, pleading his case, almost begging her to consider fulfilling his dreams. They were staying at a luxury resort at Gran Canaria at the time, surrounded by the toned and tanned figures of the young Spaniards that worked at the beach bar. She refused Nick again, but that was the first time she seriously considered it.

It would be nice to have an orgasm with a man again, she mused, although she knew it would be completely insane to do it.

Paula wrapped her fingers firmly around both the penises in front of her. Darrell’s was like a hammer to Nick’s nail, at least twice the length and the thickness. Oh, the thickness. Just feeling it in her hand made her wet. She pulled Darrell’s uncut foreskin all the way down and took him in her mouth. What a different feeling as her tongue circled his head and sucking on his foreskin making her Pussy wet.

When they came back from their holiday, Nick’s requests intensified. He began interrogating her about her male friends, asking whether they were in a relationship. One night, he asked her how big one of her exes was. It was getting seriously out of hand.

While giving head to Darrell big black cock, she pulled her hand away from Nick’s cock, completely forgetting about him. She needed two hands to handle the size of this thing after all. When she realised it, she stopped immediately, wanting to apologise. But Nick was quicker to speak.

‘You want to fuck that cock, honey?’ he asked longingly. She could tell that his heart was racing.

She lowered her eyelids. ’Mmm-hmmm.’

Darrell glanced at Nick, who gave him the confirmatory nod. The next thing Paula knew was that she was being carried over to the double bed in the bull’s strong hands. He put her down, spread her legs and brushed his fingers between the folds of her vagina, testing the waters. There would be most certainly be no need for lube tonight. Darrell grabbed her by her legs and pulled her ass towards the edge. He placed his huge black cock on her abdomen. It reached well past her belly bottom.

Oh my goodness, Paula thought. How am I supposed to handle that?

Darrell was rubbing her clit with the tip of his cock, pressing harder. Paula wanted to protest, but Nick came over and started kissing her. Their tongues entwined passionately, muffling Paula’s whimpers while Darrell entered her.

‘Oh god, oh god,’ Paula whispered, seeing the smile on Nick’s face. She gripped his arm, and her eyes rolled back with pleasure. Nick remained by her side, kneading her breasts and sucking her nipples the way she liked it.

Feeling Darrell’s black cock fill her was a sensation unlike anything she had ever felt before. Paula had bigger guys than Nick, but never this massive. Darrell was a whole different ballgame. He started off slowly, tenderly. He must have been used to having to ease women in, letting their bodies adjust to his gift. But now that he saw that Paula was enjoying it, he started getting cocky. He grabbed her legs and lifted her ass off the bed slightly, sliding even deeper inside of her, stretching her and building up speed.

Unable to hold her moans any longer, Paula bit her lip. ‘Keep going, darling. Keep Fucking me, please.’

She reached between Nick’s thighs and started stroking him, the three of them moving in perfect harmony. Not long after, Nick brought his penis to her mouth, and she started sucking him, swallowing him whole. After sucking Darrell earlier, his cock felt like an ice lolly, a treat one might have after a rich main course—a dessert or snack, the cherry on top. But no one could possibly be satisfied by eating just dessert for dinner and having the same meagre Eton Mess every night.

Paula let go of her husband. She could no longer coordinate her movements in the bliss that started taking over her mind. Long, lustful moans escaped her mouth in quick succession; her breath grew heavy, urgent. Her back arched, her body tensed. She cried out in beautiful agony, squirting all over her lover. Years of sexual frustration poured out of her at once with a mind-shattering orgasm.

Darrell kept going, pounding Paula’s pussy his balls slapping her ass and, shortly after, he pressed his body against hers and came. She felt his cock pumping the warm sperm against her cervix like a firehose. She let out a deep breath, and his cock kept throbbing. Suddenly, another intense wave of pleasure seized her and swept over her, leaving her trembling in Nick’s embrace.

After Darrell put his clothes on and rushed off into the night, Paula and Nick lay facing each other on the bed.

‘Where did you find a guy with such a massive cock?’ Paula asked.

Nick smiled. ’What did you think?’

Paula glanced away, then back at Nick. ‘Can I have his number?’

They both laughed. Nick started stroking the contour of her hip.

‘Maybe,’ he teased her. ‘Of course, you can.’

‘I love you,’ Paula said.

‘I love you too,’ Nick said. They stayed in bed, savouring the moment.

Nick first brought up the prospect of meeting with Darrell two weeks ago, flooding her with pictures, saying that he had already met him and that he was perfect. Nick's birthday was coming up, and he said he wanted nothing else but for her to fuck this complete stranger. She agreed in the end, mostly because she wanted to get him off her case. But now, she was annoyed with herself for refusing two years ago. She could've been enjoying well endowed men for years!

Nick got up and made his way to the ensuite after a while.

‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Paula said.

‘Just freshening up a bit.’

‘Someone needs to clean up this mess first,’ she said and spread her legs, Darrell’s cum still oozing out of her. Nick silhouette against the bright light coming from the bathroom gained another dimension. He was hard again instantly. The lustful expression was unmistakable as he went down on her.

'Happy birthday.'
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I would do anything for a wife like her.she could find men to have me serve also.
10 days ago
What a wonderful story. Thanks
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