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I watched my wife fuck Tim

Tim has been a close friend of both me and my wife Andrea for several years. One evening Andrea and I had been enjoying a few adult beverages and she had puffed some green when the phone rang. It was Tim and he said he was close by and wanted to come by. I told him sure come on over. After hanging up I told Andrea to go put on something sexy for Tim.

She jumped up and ran to our room to find something to wear and I went in the kitchen to get another cold one. I heard Tims truck coming up the driveway so I went to the door. I handed him a beer and we sat down in the den. He asked where Andrea was and I said she's around here somewhere. About that time she came in the den wearing a tiny pair of cut off jean shorts, they showed the bottom half of her tiny ass. Her legs are golden brown from the sun and these shorts show off her legs so nicely.

I could tell she wasn't wearing panties under the shorts and she definitely didn't have a bra on either since her nipples could be seen through the very thin cotton tank top. She said are you boys talking about me ? I said Tim just asked where you were . She put her hands on her hips and stuck her tits out proudly , then she slowly turned to give Tim a good shot of her tanned ass cheeks. She said is what I'm wearing OK or do I need to change? Tim spoke up and said oh it looks fine to me.

I said I don't know sweetheart you may need to put on more clothes that outfit may get mine and Tim's cocks hard. Tim said it already is and he adjusted himself. Andrea giggled and said did I do that? Tim said do what ? She said did my outfit make your big thick cock get all hard ? He looked at me nervously and said well yeah. I said relax ol buddy , she is a tease . Oh I'm way more than a tease Andrea said. I played along, so what are you then I asked. She said I'm your hot wife and I'm horny.

Well do you want me and Tim to fuck you I asked. She said well not you just Tim. I looked at him and he looked scared out of his wits. To bad for me I said, looks like you are getting all the pussy tonight. He killed his beer and said is this for real. I took his empty and as I walked towards the kitchen I said oh it's real.

I took a little extra long time to get the beer to give them a chance to get started. When I can back in the den Tim was setting on the couch and Andrea was on her knees between his out stretched legs. She had her hand wrapped around his cock. She said to me look at this . I looked and saw her fingers didn't meet. She said look how thick Tim's cocks is. She said it's going to stretch my little pussy. I handed him a beer and took a seat across from the action.

Andrea did her best trying to suck his cock but she couldn't handle even half of it. She stood up and pulled her top off and tossed it at me. Then she unfastened her shorts and pulled them down . She stood in front of Tim butt naked and asked if liked her shaved pussy. He said yes. She pushed his legs together and then crawled up on him. I watched her grab his cock and rub the head of it up and down between her pussy lips.

She paused then I saw dimples in her ass cheeks as she forced herself down on him. It took several tries to get it in her but once she had him firmly inside her she leaned down to kiss his neck. She said honey can you see how Tim's cock is stretching your wife's pussy. I said yes it looks great. I sat there and watched my sweet little wife fuck my best friend for over thirty minutes. I couldn't tell when Tim came but Andrea stood up and walked over to me, she turned her back to me then bent over and placed her hands on her knees. Eat up she said.

I reached out and took her hips in my hands and buried my face in her freshly fucked pussy. After I had her clean she picked up her shorts and pulled them on. She said I'm going to remain topless if that's OK. I said sure. Andrea invited Tim to stay the night and the three of us got into bed. Andrea was facing me and she mouthed he's fucking me again. I fell asleep and I was awakened by the bed moving several times during the night.

The next morning I opened my eyes and I was staring right into Andrea's half close eyes. She smiled at me and I could tell Tim was at work on her pussy again. In that twenty four hours he fucked my wife eight times and after he left I got to enjoy the feeling of my wife's well worn pussy. I thanked her for the show and she said oh there will be more.
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