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Medical Examination (Gay)

Ryan walked into the doctor’s waiting room. A pretty receptionist greeted him. “Good morning, I have an appointment for a full examination this morning.” She checked her computer. “Yes Mr Cooper, the doctor is free now so you can go straight in.” Ryan thanked her and walked into the consulting room.

The doctor was sat behind his desk, about late 50s and hot, just Ryan’s type. He looked up. “Mr Cooper. I understand you are here for a full sexual examination. Strip off fully and lie on the couch over there. There will be a few questions first and then we will proceed to the fully physical examination. Excuse me a moment.” As Ryan started to undress the doctor pressed an intercom button. “Miss Lawson. Can you join me for this examination. As it is a full sexual examination there needs to be a third person present.” The young receptionist came in. Ryan was a bit embarrassed being naked in front of her but she was professional. She had seen many cocks in her short career.

The doctor sat next to Ryan while Miss Lawson sat a few metres away crossing her legs and exposing her stocking tops, not that Ryan really noticed as she was not his type. However, the doctor.....

The doctor sat on a chair next to Ryan. "Now Mr Cooper, we have you age and address. Can you tell me your sexual orientation and when you last had sex?" Ryan said he was gay and he had last had sex a few days ago. The doctor noted it. "I need to know whther you are top, bottom or versatile. Also when you are having sex with a man do you have full anal sexual intercourse or is it just oral?" Ryan smiled, "I am definitely bottom, doctor and, yes, I do enjoy full intercourse but it is really whatever the man wants." The doctor made more notes. "That's good so I will put you down as fully submissive. Now when you are performing oral sex on a man do you swallow his semen or do you spit it out?" Ryan said that he swallowed every time. "I do like the taste of spunk doctor." The doctor nodded, "that's good. I am always amazed that there are some submissives who do not swallow and then they wonder why they cannot hold on to their boyfriends." Miss Lawson attached some stirrups to the couch. She lifted Ryan's feet so they could be secured into the stirrups. The doctor rested his hand on Ryan's smooth thigh. "Next I need to examine your pussy my darling." Ryan was aware that his sex hole was exposed to the doctor and the young nurse. She applied some cold lube to his bottom. The doctor put on some latex gloves and started to rub the lube into the boy's skin. "That feels nice doctor," said Ryan who loved having his pussy played with. The doctor started to finger Ryan's pussy. "That's very good Mr Cooper. Relaxed nicely, a proper boi cunt for giving pleasure to real men." He then pushed second finger into the boy. "Yes your cunt is opening up beautifully. Can you tell me how many cocks you have had in there?" The boy was enjoying it and thought briefly. "I don't know doctor but not enough." The doctor laughed, "that's the correct answer sweetheart, never enough cocks for a sexy little sub like you." The young lady handed a penis-shaped probe to the doctor. "Ok Mr Cooper. I am going to insert this into you to measure how large a cock you can take so that will go on your record." He withdrew his fingers and gently pushed the object into the boy. He then flicked a switch and the object expanded until it could get no bigger. "Miss Lawson, can you note down the readings please?" The young receptionist, read the digital display on the base unit. "That is a length of 8" and girth of 2" doctor." The doctor withdrew the probe. "My, you are lucky boy to be able to take such a large cock but remember you can still have longer cocks but you will get all of them inside you. Miss Lawson can you prepare for the full detail internal examination."

The young woman dropped to her knees and unzipped the doctor's trousers. She took out his cock, stroked it a few times and then put it between her lips. The doctor started to finger Ryan again while the receptionist made the doctor's cock hard. Miss Lawson had sucked the doctor's cock many times and he knew she was good though not as good as a boy obviously. When he was fully hard she guided him into Ryan's boy cunt. Ryan sighed as the doctor penetrated him. Miss Lawson took notes as the doctor fucked Ryan. "Am I OK doctor?" asked the boy who gaining immense pleasure from the fucking. "Yes my dear you have such a sexy boy cunt. Miss Lawson can you note that Mr Cooper rates A for comfort but also A for tightness, the perfect combination. Yes Mr Cooper you are a very good fuck and your medical report will state as such." Ryan was so happy about this as he did pride himself on being good in bed and there were so many lovely men who deserved pleasure. As the doctor steadily fucked the boy Ryan became erect. "Miss Lawson, can you note that Mr Cooper has gained an erection while being penetrated?" He turned to the boy who was experiencing intense pleasure. "Mr Cooper as you probably know so men like a boy to be erect during intercourse while others prefer the boy to stay limp. For this reason it will be stated on your medical record." The man was close to cumming. He removed his cock and pushed it between the boy's lips. "Finish me off my darling. Miss Lawson can you please attend to Mr Cooper's cock." She started to masturbate the boy until he came all over her hand. The doctor unloaded his semen into the boy's mouth and he was please that Ryan was true to his word and swallowed every drop.

As Ryan got dressed the doctor completed the record. "Mr Cooper you now have a full detailed sexual record that will be very useful for you in any job application. You should come back every six months for a check-up to ensure your record is always up-to-date. He handed the form to the boy who smiled and accepted a kiss from the doctor. Miss Lawson cleaned up the couch but, from the look on the doctor's face she knew her bum was going to have a good seeing-to later, at least she hoped so.
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