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Sexy evening at the local Sauna

I was in a gay sauna (aka ‘steam room’ to the Americans) – actually it was Suite 429 in Chelmsford, UK. It had four or five ‘fun rooms’ of various sizes accessible from the main spa area. These rooms had everything: glory holes, beanbags, padded benches of varying heights and the type of soft flooring that you might find in a Yoga gym. These were specially designed sex rooms where people could go and play as the mood might take them. The sauna is now shut due to the pandemic – and sadly will probably never reopen, but while it <u>was</u> open it was fantastic. This is a story of one visit on a ‘mixed night’ when I had an experience with two other men and the girlfriend of one of them...

I stood in the doorway looking into one of the larger fun-rooms and found a girl on all fours sucking her seated boyfriend. Both were youngish - late twenties I guess. He was dark-haired, slim with a long thin cock, and she was a beautifully well-rounded blonde with short hair, a large soft tummy and small tits. Her big, soft ass was pointing skywards in my direction and her back was arched.

I looked at the guy and he nodded, so I immediately knelt down started to kiss her bottom, quickly moving on to giving her to a full and deep rimming. From the doorway, a second guy appeared and with zero hesitation got down on all fours and jammed his tongue up my ass too - it was pure bliss. After a minute or two, the new guy asked if he could play with the girl's ass too, so I got underneath her with my legs under the bench on which her boyfriend was sitting and her swaying tummy stroking my chest ... As guy #2 tongued her moist anus, I licked and sucked on her generous pussy lips and rock-hard clit. She was going crazy, sucking ferociously on her boyfriend’s dick and moaning and slurping loudly. I had to hold the soft sides of her gorgeous tummy just to stay latched to her pussy.

Then her seated boyfriend reached down and grasped my hard, uncut cock, slowly stroking it up and down. Perhaps partly due to the feel of my big cock in his hand, he came quickly, exploding into her mouth and I could hear her gagging as he held the back of her head. She gulped the lot and, legs clearly still wobbly, they both made a very swift exit.

So, there was now just me and guy #2 left…. Me on my back and him sitting on his heels close to my head. He was late forties, chunky in a sexy way, clean-shaven and salt and pepper hair. Think Paul Hollywood without the beard and a bigger cock ( ;) ). Staying on his knees, he moved forward until he was over me, cock twitching, with his large and very shiny cock head tapping my face and nose. He then leaned forward to rest on his hands and I sucked on him greedily as he started to kiss my own cock.

We 69'ed for quite a while in that position, really savouring each other's bodies. Tongues and fingers in asses, nipples and balls sucked and squeezed. Eventually, I couldn’t take any more and I filled his mouth with cum. He swallowed some, but saved a little for a wonderful French-kiss snowball for me. We kissed for a while, and I stroked his cock so gently that he was shaking, I told him to lie back on the bench and lift his knees back.

Now with full access to his exposed and twitching ass, I kissed all around his hole, then lapped at it with long and wet licks before finally forcing my tongue inside him. He groaned loudly with each tickling thrust of my tongue - me copying the amazing technique he had used on me earlier.

After a few minutes of that delicious torture he sat up a little, put his feet back on the floor and I happily took his cock into my mouth. I could tell he was very close to cumming and I was getting ready to receive his juice.

Just before he came, he put his legs over my shoulders and scissor gripped my head between his thighs. His cock was bent forward at what felt like an uncomfortable angle (especially since he was as hard as steel) but his cock stayed firmly lodged in the back of my mouth. Resting on his hands and my shoulders, he then raised and lowered his ass from the bench, fucking my captive face and throat while I groped and squeezed at his buttocks. Each lift seemed to push his hard dick further into my throat and I was struggling to breathe; all of my focus was on trying not to gag.

Then his ass went up for one last big push and his cock pumped out hot liquid cum. I took the whole load and swallowed it all. We both lay down on the soft floor, breathing hard, gently holding and stroking each other for 5 minutes or so, before heading off to share a shower.

The following day, my voice was hoarse and throat sore from the stretching – but it was a small price to pay for such an amazing experience.
Published by Thuf
1 month ago
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Very hot loved it! Thanks x
1 month ago
Please write some more of your adventures 
1 month ago
to ski999: Thanks - I hope it does re-open.. I've spent many happy hours there.
Wow that Sauna sounds a hot place in more ways than one 
1 month ago